Tunisian Crochet Patterns

The Tunisian crochet is another name of the Afghan stitch. It is a technique of crocheting and knitting. The Tunisian crochet patterns involve use of a specialized hook with which several loops need to be made. This helps to create a woven look and feel. With this technique the method of knitting and crochet are combined for creating sweaters, shawls and blankets.

About The Tunisian Hook

The crochet hooks are usually of different sizes. They could be made of plastic or metal and the basic design is that of a hook at the end of a straight rod. In most crochet patterns a few stitches need to be done on the hook for which the hooks are short. In case of the Tunisian hook, it is a longer one, akin to a knitting needle. It has a stopper at one end, similar to knitting needles again.

Sourcing Crochet Supplies Online

If you are preparing to make an Afghan crochet, it is best to source the designs as well as supplies online. The specialized needle as well as yarn and other supplies can be easily ordered online.

Here are some unique Afghan designs to browse through as well as supplies to opt for.

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