Traditional Aran Knitting Patterns

Aran knitting pattern is a peculiar design that is traditionally from the Aran Islands on the west coast of Ireland. They look really beautiful and the noteworthy part of this traditional Aran knitted clothing is its make that is made up of 100% wool. Aran knitting patterns are also popular for their cable knit patterns on chest. These traditional patterns of knitting are a great wear for winters. One would love the graceful look that they impart.

Traditional Patterns Of Aran Knitting

Aran knitting patterns traditionally are of off-white color as they are made up of pure sheep wool. With the passing time there are various modifications from the basic style of Aran knitted clothing. The patterns of stitching that are used in Aran knitting are believed to be traditional signs of good luck and safety.

Aran Knitted Patterns In Today’s Era

With advancement in times there are various medication made to the traditional Aran knitted materials. There are changes in the making and the blend of materials according to the taste of people. Though traditional Aran knitted clothing options are also available along with slightly modified Aran knitted designs. You would fall in love with these traditional designs and patterns. There are various Aran knitted designs that you can see from the images given below.


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