The Trendiest Free Crochet Shawl Patterns

One of the coolest trends that never go out of vogue is shawls. They have been worn for ages and now have evolved into something fashionable and classy. Shawls can be added to an ensemble to elevate the overall look. They can be used in the winters as well as summers. But the most popular and comfortable type of shawls is the crochet shawls. One can make their own shawls with the help of the innumerable free crochet shawl patterns available online or buy a shawl.

Shapes And Style

The crochet shawls come handy in winters as they keep a person warm. In the summer, they prevent tanning and appear stylish. They can be paired with a simple tee, camisole or even a chic dress as they come in every color and shape like rectangle, square or circle.

Add An Element Of Surprise

One can always experiment with the crochet shawls by adding beads while knitting them. There are rainbow shawls which incorporate all the colors. For the summer and a lighter look, the shawls can be stitched up in organic colors using the basic stitching techniques.

Have a look at the free crochet shawl patterns in the images below.

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