The Significance Of Crochet Hooks

The Significance Of Crochet Hooks

First and foremost, crochet and knitting are two different things. There are so many things set them apart. So, you will learn the significance of crochet hooks today. The good thing about crochet is that it doesn’t need too many tools to work the stitches. Or in other words, it works in the opposite way compared to knitting.

Why You Need Crochet Hook?

Well, we have got to address that right away. You can crochet without the hook as it is an integral part of the process. We are talking about a relatively short instrument here. This instrument has a hook at one end. As for the size of the hook, it can vary – and it will always depend on what you are trying to make. The only thing you need to know that they all do the same functionality at the end of the day. It is meant to get the yarn through the knotted loops and that application will remain the same.

Different Types Of Hooks

These hooks are made of different types of materials including aluminum, wood and plastic. Speaking of crocheting, feel has to be a big part of it. So, having a comfortable tool is going to make a lot of difference. Let’s take a look at the pictures of crochet hooks below.

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