Intricate Designs Of Tunisian Crochet

One of the most popular and traditional form of knitting is the one that incorporates looping and stitching. Tunisian crochet is also a type of Afghan crochet that uses intricate designs which are made of interlocking yarns of threads or other similar material using a hook. The pattern is traditional, yet it has managed to stay in vogue till this date.

Method Of Making It

The fabric is made by knitting and crocheting. A hook, which is also called the crochet hook, is used for knitting the beautiful fabric. The work is started as a simple knitting sequence of slip stitches and after one round is complete, the same process is repeated using the crochet hook. It is processed similar to any knitting process, except it employs the crochet hook. The crochet hook is an elongated hook with a stopper towards the end of the handle.

Where Is It Used?

As the fabric that is stitched is beautiful, Tunisian crochet is used in many designer wears. There are Tunisian scarves which come in a variety of colors and patterns. The pillows and blankets made of Tunisian crochet can be a perfect addition to the decor of a beautiful house.

We have portrayed some of the designs of Tunisian crochet in the images below.

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