Guide To Using Circular Knitting Needles

You must have observed some of your friend knitters using a “U” shaped needle for knitting. There are various types of needles used in knitting objects. These needles have their own particular use. If you are a beginner then you would have various questions regarding it. Here is your simple guide for circular knitting needles.

Circular Needles Used For

These needles are for knitting large objects. Though you may misinterpret that when you are knitting round you would need these needles. But even if you are not knitting round, but large objects flat you would need these needles. When you are knitting large articles like a shawl and you knit it with a flat needle it would give you an unbearable wrist.

Not To Use Flat Needles For Large Articles

Flat needles would give wrist pain. But Circular needles are compact so even when you knit large objects you would not need to bend your wrist for long. This is the advantage that you get only with circular needles. As a beginner, we may not know these facts, but you can always ask the experts or browse around for the correct use of needles. You can see various images below for the same.

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