Free Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns To Kill Time

So, you are all set to knit your first ever baby blanket. And you are looking for free baby blanket knitting patterns. You want the best blanket for your baby like any other parent.

It Is Not As Easy As You Think

You went to, your favorite yarn store and spent so much time looking for the right material. And be honest, you have fantasized about holding your baby in the new blanket handcrafted by you. And you also dreamed about the admiration you are going to receive. But when you finally start the project, you start panicking as you have missed a detail or two. You missed a few minor details here and there and that is more than enough to panic. So, if you are inexperienced in doing this job, it may not happen as easily as you would assume. But you can always make it happen with the right planning and approach.

Blanket Sizes

Let’s take a look at the blanket sizes. There are 3 main sizes to talk about receiving blankets, swaddling blankets and crib blankets. Each one has its own purpose. As the name indicates, crib blankets are for cribs. As for swaddling blankets, this one can be used to hold the baby once it arrives directly from the hospital. It is lightweight. Let’s take a look at a couple of pictures of knitting patterns below.

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