Free Afghan Crochet Patterns

There are different kinds of crochet patterns and items that can be created out of this unique needlework. For those who are adept at the craft will surely have tried to make an Afghan. This is a kind of cover or shawl that can be of different designs and styles.

Different Afghan Styles

Afghans refer to covers, wraps or shawls that differ in designs and dimensions. However, the process of making Afghans by crochet involves a similar stitching pattern. For those who have learnt the stitching pattern will surely love to make such versatile pieces of garments or accessories. While an Afghan can be used as a shawl, it can be used as a cover on a rocking chair, as a cover on a chair or as a decorative cover on any surface.

Making Afghans On Crochet

Due to the ease of the Afghan stitches, many love to try Afghan projects on crochet. All that they need are free Afghan crochet patterns to get started. This helps them to plan out the designs, the colors and dimensions of the Afghans. Many online forums provide all necessary details for one to get started.

Here are some free images of crochet Afghans.

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