Easy Knitting Patterns For Beginners

If you are a beginner with knitting, then you have to start with easy knitting patterns. However, it is a task to get excited about something as simple as acrylic potholders, isn’t it? If you have come here looking for tips, then you will walk away with the same. As a beginner, it can be really frustrating to battle with complicated patterns.

Use Great Materials

When you use superb materials, end results are always going to be great. For a beginner, nothing works better than wool as it is the perfect fiber. There are many things that go in the favor of wool including natural elasticity and resilience. Also, with wool, you can make mistakes without being afraid of making them. Moreover, wool will give you an amazing variety of styles and colors. In my opinion, worsted weight is a really good option for a beginner as it is simple. When you aim big patterns, you will lose patience waiting for results. Beginners can also go for silk/wool blends, but let me warn you that they can be expensive.

Cotton Is Not Good

Those who live in warm climate know that cotton is the perfect material. But for knitting, cotton might not be a good idea; especially when it comes to beginners. But if you prefer cotton, make sure that you knit it little tighter than wool. Let’s take a look at few knitting patterns below.

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