Comfy Knitted Cushions

Cushions make up the decor of a person’s room. They are uber comfy and people like to cover themselves with all types of cushions. So, if you are looking for some inspiring designs for your cushion covers, then you are at the right place. Knitted cushions covers are trending now because the wool is soft and warm and that is what we need in bed.

Patterns For Cushions

Cushions come in every type of shape from triangle to circle to the classic square. They even come in the shape of your favorite comic character. The most comfortable pattern is the cable knitting pattern which will give you sheep like structure and texture. It is uber comfy and soft. If you want something more feminine, than you should try the hearts and flower cushion cover. You can knit this in three different shades of the same color.

Characters And Colors

You can knit your cushion color and make a panda on it or a minion. There are different colors which you can always try. The cushion cover should match the decor of your room or hall.

Have a look at the knitted cushions given below to get an idea about the patterns.

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