Amazing Knitting Patterns For Hats

Winters, call for extreme measures to protect you from the spine chilling weather. This is the reason why you can’t do away without a winter hat. And the other reason for wearing these hats is the cute factor that one gets. So, if you are planning to knit an amazing hat for yourself or your loved ones, then you can get tons of knitting patterns for hats on the internet.

Easy Knitting Patterns

The easiest knitting patterns are of course, the basket weave and the checkerboard. The technique is simple, but they help in weaving a fabric. Those looking for patterns for hats can easily go for the beret which requires you do the reverse knitting on stockinet with two needles.

Types Of Hats

For children, there is the candy cane hat which easy to knit and striped like a candy cane. It has a long tail with two poms poms which make it cute. If you are looking for a cute hat, then there is the dreadlock hat which has adorable dreads. For the simpletons, there are the stocking cap and the Santa hats.

Have a look at some of the knitting patterns for hats with the images given below.

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