A Look Down The Vintage Knitting Patterns

Knitting has been a prominent form of stitching since the 1930s and it has evolved as the times and fashion style changed over the years. But, one of the classics still includes the vintage knitting patterns. They were chic and elegant. Women were fuller and petite in the earlier decades and that was the highlight of any piece of knitted cloth.

Trip Down The Memory Lane

Starting from the 1930s, the most popular piece of cloth was the blouse. The classy pattern that was popular with the blouse was the blouse with a crossover collar. They were very strict about the types of colors they used and black and white were there favorite. Then there were the cardigans and coats.

Styles Like Daffodils

Women were inspired by the styles of actresses and in the later ages like the 50s and 60s, the Daffodil blouse became popular. It had puffed up sleeves and had a bit of crochet in the knitting patterns. The yarn that was used to knit all the classic designs was the fingering weight yarn.

Given below are images of some of the vintage knitting patterns.

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