Traditional Aran Knitting Patterns

aran knitting patterns - 14

Aran knitting pattern is a peculiar design that is traditionally from the Aran Islands on the west coast of Ireland. They look really beautiful and the noteworthy part of this traditional Aran knitted clothing is its make that is made up of 100% wool. Aran knitting patterns are also popular …

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Simple Crochet Patterns

simple crochet patterns - 14

Nowadays there are many sources for simple crochet patterns. Crochet magazines have been around for a long time and before the advent of the internet, these magazines supplied ideas for crochet patterns. If you subscribe to a crochet magazine you will find several ideas as well as two detailed patterns …

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Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

infinity scarf crochet pattern - 14

There are many scarves that are in trend, including the infinity scarf crochet pattern. The infinity scarf design is like a loop that is wound several times around the neck as it is a large, circular scarf without ends. This scarf design has a particular appeal during the cold times …

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Starting Easy Knitting For Beginners

knitting for beginners - 7

Starting with knitting can be sometimes really clumsy. If you are genuinely interested in learning proper knitting you should watch people as well as videos of knitting. It is only when you once see people handling yarn and needles and making articles out of them that you would learn the …

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Tunisian Crochet Patterns

tunisian crochet patterns - 14

The Tunisian crochet is another name of the Afghan stitch. It is a technique of crocheting and knitting. The Tunisian crochet patterns involve use of a specialized hook with which several loops need to be made. This helps to create a woven look and feel. With this technique the method of …

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Classy And Chic Crochet Poncho For Winters

crochet poncho - 14

When it comes to style and classy fashion, ponchos are the best choice. They are the perfect pullover for winters. They are both trendy and comfy at the same time. Being unisexual, there are innumerable choices when it comes to ponchos. One of the famous types of poncho is of …

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Warm And Comfy Knit Leggings

knit leggings - 5

A woman doesn’t own a single pair of leggings. They have numerous pairs even if they are of the same color. When it comes to leggings, the thin piece of clothing cannot be used in winters. This is why knit leggings have become the latest trend and they are available …

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